We’re an international oil recycling and terminal storage company committed to providing jobs to local communities and protecting the environment.

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About Origin International

Origin is one of the Mid-Atlantic’s largest recyclers of used motor oil and lubricants. Out of our 41-acre Baltimore facility, we safely collect and refine used petroleum products and distribute them for reuse. We also lease liquid and dry bulk storage to corporate clients. Strategically located on the Port of Baltimore, our facility is accessible by rail, barge, truck, and deep water vessel. And with planned expansion in the US and Europe, we’ll soon be serving more businesses and further reducing the amount of waste oil that is discarded rather than salvaged.

Central to our corporate values are:

  • Providing jobs and training to the local communities that surround our facilities.
  • Protecting people who live and work across our supply chain, as well as the environment as a whole, by operating according to the highest safety standards and industry best practices.
  • Maintaining a culture of transparency and trust within our company, and between Origin and the customers and communities we serve.

Contact Us

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Facility Location
5501 Pennington Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21226
(410) 354-9500