Sustaining Communities, Protecting the Environment.

What Makes Origin Different?

Efficiency & Profitability

With an estimated global market of over 100 million BBL of liquid hydrocarbons per year, the worldwide volume of waste hydrocarbons is rapidly increasing. Origin is uniquely positioned to efficiently and profitably collect, process, and recycle these waste streams.

Valuable Assets

Origin aims to collect and process waste hydrocarbons, waters and vapors through the acquisition and development of assets in strategic locations.

Private Ownership

Founded in 2017, Origin has quickly become one of the world’s largest privately owned recyclers of waste hydrocarbons, operating throughout the U.S. and Europe. Private ownership allows us to move quickly, making and executing strategic decisions

Strategic Growth

Origin builds value in two ways—by acquiring established hydrocarbon recycling businesses and assets, and then developing them into end-to-end recycling plants or by building recycling plants in strategic logistical locations with sufficient feedstocks to process.

Industry Leaders

Origin’s management includes global leaders with a broad range of expertise across fields in technology, health, safety, environment, commercial, logistics, and finance.

We process about 1 million BBL of waste hydrocarbons per year.

Our Strategic Global Footprint

Having facilities in strategic locations around the world allows us to both provide our customers with the most cost-effective solution and limit the distance waste oil is transported,reducing
our environmental impact.