Key Competitive Advantages

Our integrated, flexible asset base fits seamlessly into the global supply chain.

Global Asset Base & Locations

  • Origin has a global base of marine terminals, plus combined synergies of vertical integration, that no other waste collector can match
  • Linking our global sites streamlines operations by helping to identify the best markets for oil products and the most cost-effective locations to treat products, boosting profitability
  • With strategic locations around the world, we can offer our customers the most affordable solution while operating with minimal impact on the environment

Maximum Recycling Optionality & Efficiency

  • Origin aims to create a lean recycling plant platform that capitalizes on prevailing market trends
  • This platform allows Origin to take advantage of multiple distressed and abundant waste feed stocks without multibillion-dollar capex budgets, while producing generic products for a liquid and long-term market demand
  • Our simple processes produce low sulphur fuels with efficient, proven technology that doesn’t require high energy inputs and is UN & IMO compliant
  • For every 1 BBL of waste oil processed, we get 1 BBL of recovered products

Robust Infrastructure

  • All assets and businesses will have the full suite of logistics for bringing feedstocks to our plants for processing and for supplying recycled products out, including rail, barge, vessel, and truck, as well as possible pipeline connectivity
  • The logistics create more optionality for the cheapest feedstocks available, resulting in the highest possible price for the recycled products ex works
  • This will not only increase net margins for the recycling plants once they are complete, but also immediately boost profitability of the less-refined products post acquisition of the collection businesses

Hedging, Risk Management & Trading

  • Since Origin’s recycling plants produce generic products such as gasoil, naphtha, and asphalt, sophisticated hedging and risk management is required, which is handled by Element, one of Origin’s major shareholders
  • This allows for collection and processing margins to be locked in within a reasonable time period, especially for termed feedstocks
  • Hedging the feedstock will also enable Origin to out-price competitors in a falling flat price market, while at the same time maintaining processing margins
  • Element’s end user customers in Europe and the Americas combined with transferring a significant part of the trading margin allows for immediate EBITDA increase in all the assets that Origin acquires, prior even to commissioning the developments of each plant