Our Responsibility to Recycle

In the U.S. and Europe today, a high proportion of used oils are improperly collected and treated, either being dumped in a landfill or incinerated. Origin can change that.

We Have an Optimal and Responsible Recycling Process

While some organizations do recycle waste oils, most of them are not optimally located, requiring large amounts of energy and producing significant emissions to transport waste oils and products to and from their facilities. By contrast, Origin is ideally set up to recycle with:

  • Cradle-to-grave solutions for waste oils, including full water treatment and disposal
  • High yields of low sulphur IMO compliant marine fuels from feedstock, as well as environmentally efficient construction materials
  • Processing that takes place in optimal logistical locations in order to minimize transport and emissions

Available Feedstock Breakdown

Between Europe and the USA, Origin estimates there are over 100 million BBL of waste oils that need to be processed per year.