Our Services

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Waste Hydrocarbon Collection & Processing

Our waste removal services cover all types of
petroleum residues, including but not limited to:

Used Motor Auto Oils

All crankcase engine lubricating oils from automotive cars, trucks, and heavy equipment—alongside this removal service, we offer antifreeze pickup and filter crushing services

Oil Contaminated Water

Water that has been combined with mineral hydrocarbon oils, including upstream production waters and water contaminated oil tanks

Ship Slops & Sludges

Engine lubricating oils from seagoing vessels and barges, as well as hydrocarbon tank washings from the ship compartments

Transmix/Pipeline Interface

Mixed hydrocarbons from pipelines, which are typically mixes of jet fuel, diesel, and gasoline

Contaminated Diesels, Gasolines, Fuel Oils, Gasoils & Crude Oils

Normally products with water, sediment, and cross-contamination issues

Wherever you are, Origin Solutions has you covered

When customers are not in a location where Origin has its own terminal and collection centers, then Origin Solutions, an Origin Group subsidiary, provides a service in partnership with local and approved collectors and processors to perform the service. Origin Solutions is focused on the highest standard of environmental compliance for oil waste removal on a global scale, offering highly competitive pricing thanks to our strong local relationships and global network of recycling plants.

We provide experienced operators for a comprehensive on-the-ground presence during operations in all serviced ports. We ensure environmentally sustainable disposal, full compliance verification including a full “Know Your Client” check on all members of the operational chain and make certain that all residue removal operations from vessels, storage tanks, platforms and industrial facilities adhere to local waste management regulations.

Mobile & Environmental Services

We use a closed-loop vapor return system for degassing of vessels, barges and shore tanks, railcars, containers, etc.

Vapor Recovery & Processing Communities

We offer vapor recovery and processing via truck. Depending on the vapor type and local regulations, this can be done through a cryogenic, scrubber, or vaporizing process.

LNG Cooling

Before filling tanks with LNG, it is necessary to cool them down to -160 degrees Celsius. We use liquid nitrogen to drop the temperature of the tanks by approximately 10 degrees per hour in order to cool them. When the tanks have reached the desired temperature, they can then be bunkered with LNG.


Our mobile filtering services can be used for off-specification hydrocarbon products and renewable fuels.

Degas & Purging Services

Our different varieties of degas units allow us to offer the best solution for any degas-related question or problem. Our degas and purging equipment includes:

  • Cryogenic unit
  • Vaporizer
  • Active carbon filter
  • LIN tank
  • Gaswasher
  • Cryogenic twin unit

We are recognized by the Port of Antwerp as an official degassing services supplier.

Off-Spec Treatment

We solve chemical problems caused by product contamination or degradation. Our treatments are quick and efficient with a variety of applications:

  • Dehydration unit
  • Filter unit HFH-1
  • Filter unit HFH-4
  • Filter unit HFH-6
  • Duplex filter unit
  • Coalescer

Rental Services

If rental equipment is needed along with any of the services above, we provide rental equipment that is stored, tested and maintained in accordance with all industry guidelines.

The equipment offered for rental includes:

  • Reducers
  • Fenders
  • Hoses
  • Drip trays

Hose/Pipeline Test Services

We offer high-quality mobile hose/pipeline test services. Testing hoses on an annual basis is mandatory. We are SIR-certified (Stichting Industriële Reiniging [Industrial Cleaning Foundation]), which means we are qualified inspectors in our field. This guarantees a watertight test service that thoroughly scrutinizes and analyzes the quality of your equipment. Our staff can carry out small, on-site repairs at your location.

Storage Services

Origin also provides storage and transloading services to customers for either dry bulk or wet bulk at facilities where it’s available.