Antifreeze Recycling  

Cars, trucks, HVAC systems, and even refrigerators rely on antifreeze to function properly and stop liquid from freezing in these systems. This water-based additive works by lowering the freezing points of the liquid or water and increasing its boiling points

But, unfortunately, it consists of harsh chemicals. Therefore, disposing of it correctly is essential.

So, for all your antifreeze recycling needs look no further than our team at Origin. We can remove your antifreeze and recycle it safely for you.  

What is Antifreeze?

Antifreeze or coolant is predominantly found in car engines – usually made by adding a chemical known as ethylene glycol to a water base. Ethylene glycol is extremely toxic and the smallest amount could lead to death if ingested.

So, in more recent times, some manufacturers have started using propylene glycol instead as this is a non-toxic chemical base that has received approval from the FDA.

Antifreeze also comes in a variety of colors. These include red, blue, gold/amber, orange and the most common, green.

No matter which type you use, you need to recycle it properly. Used antifreeze often contains heavy metals that it has picked up from the engine it is used in. As such, it is hazardous waste and you need to dispose of it properly.

At Origin, this is what we do. We take all the effort out of recycling by collecting your used antifreeze and recycling it safely.

How is Antifreeze Recycled?

There are several ways to recycle antifreeze. No matter the method, however, the focus is on removing heavy metals and oils in the used liquid.

Vacuum distillation is one of the main ways to recycle antifreeze. This process usually involves a vacuum truck that draws the antifreeze into a drum. The antifreeze is then exposed to high temperatures to remove the water and to clean the ethylene glycol.

Another method of recycling antifreeze is with an ion exchange process. In this process, the positive ions attract the bad substances to remove them from the used antifreeze.

These processes are extensive and require an experienced team to operate the specialized machinery to carry it out. Our team members at Origin have all the necessary expertise to remove, recycle, and dispose of your antifreeze.

Benefits of Recycling Antifreeze

Provides a second life to a limited resource product

The components that make up antifreeze are non-renewable. So, if not used wisely, they will run out. The only way to preserve petroleum substances is to reuse them.

Many products with a similar makeup to antifreeze are not as effective when reused. But, if recycled properly, antifreeze is still a high-quality product in its second life.

Keeps oils out of landfills

When antifreeze moves through engines, it often picks up oils, metals, and other contaminants along the way. So, by recycling your antifreeze, you remove these harmful substances and keep them out of landfills, soil, and bodies of water.

Protects plants and wildlife

Recycling your antifreeze means it doesn’t end up in the wrong places. Antifreeze spills can stunt plant growth or even kill them.

Further, the sweet smell and taste of antifreeze often attract wildlife. Ingestion by these animals, even in a small amount, could be fatal. 

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Get Your Used Antifreeze Removed and Recycled

Our services at Origin include the safe removal and recycling of antifreeze. Our team understands that time is money. That’s why we base our services on a schedule set by you and your needs. Therefore, there is little to no downtown and your operations can continue as normal without any interruptions.

We also assist with all collections of used antifreeze. Whether you store your used antifreeze in bulk containers or 55-gallon drums, we are always happy to assist. It’s never been easier or more convenient to get your used antifreeze removed and recycled.

Contact Origin for All Your Antifreeze Recycling Needs

Antifreeze is a vital yet potentially harmful substance. So, there’s no surprise that recycling used antifreeze has numerous environmental benefits.

We at Origin understand that the process seems complicated and time-consuming. That’s why our highly trained professionals at Origin are more than happy to assist.

Contact us for all your used antifreeze removal and recycling needs and play your part in protecting our environment!