Oil Filter Recycling

Used oil and filters can be detrimental to bodies of water and the environment as a whole. That’s why it’s so important to practice oil filter recycling. While this may seem like a cumbersome task, we at Origin are always here to help.


With many years of experience in the industry, we can assist with all your oil filter recycling needs. We provide storage solutions as well as convenient collection services. The combination of our industry know-how and professionalism makes us the perfect choice for your recycling needs.

Why Should You Recycle Oil Filters?

The environmental impact of inappropriately disposed of used oil filters is severe. And it doesn’t take much to cause extreme levels of contamination. This is because used oil contains carcinogens and various heavy metal particles. This means that oil does not have the ability to readily break down.

So, just a single gallon of used oil can have a huge impact. If not disposed of properly, it has the potential to pollute up to a million gallons of water. With the environment under strain already, we should take every precaution.

It’s important that everyone plays their part in preventing any harmful contamination. Luckily, because oil filters are made of steel, they are completely recyclable. And at Origin, this is one of our top priorities.

Some advantages of oil filter recycling are:

  • It frees up landfill space.
  • It reduces your environmental impact.
  • Oil filters can contain up to 10 ounces of used oil. This counts as hazardous waste so it’s important to dispose of them responsibly. Recycling is the best way to do this as the oil can be re-used too.

It’s important to know the difference between what constitutes used oil and what doesn’t. This way, you are aware of whether the resource you use is recyclable. Further, if your resource is not a used oil, it’s still important that you dispose of it correctly.

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How to Prepare For Oil Filter Recycling

At Origin, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile. That’s why we offer oil filter removal services. But, if you want to remove it yourself before we collect, there are some preparation steps to consider.

Use the right equipment 

Oil filter removals are a messy process. So, before draining the oil, make sure there is a container or oil pan underneath the vehicle to catch any spills. It’s also helpful to place the container on some tarp to keep the surrounding areas free from spills too.

Further, make sure your container has a sealable lid for transportation purposes. It’s also a good idea to wear nitrile gloves and have a flat funnel handy.

Make sure to drain the filter  

You can use any sharp object to create a puncture. A knife or screwdriver is sufficient. Use an object to puncture a hole in the dome of the filter and then make sure that the oil drains out.

The Process

The first step of the oil filter recycling process is the collection. There’s no need for you to drop off your filters at any collection center. We come to you.

To make the process easier, we provide our clients with 55-gallon oil drums with lids to store filters until collection day. We then send one of our professionals out to collect the drums and replace them.

Once the filters reach our site, we compress them to squeeze out any last bits of oil. But, this often doesn’t remove the oil entirely. To do so, we crush the steel into small bits and expose them to extreme heat.

A thermal processing machine heats the scraps at a high temperature. This removes the last bits of oil, which collect in receptacles at the bottom of the machine.

The last step of the process involves more heat. We use a secondary chamber to reach even higher temperatures. This helps to burn off any remaining vapors or fumes.

Once this is complete, the scraps are completely oil-free steel that can be reused.

Choose Origin for All Your Recycling Needs  

Oil filter recycling is an extensive and precise process. But it’s a very necessary one and we aim to make it as simple as possible for you to recycle your used filters.

Our team at Origin has many years of experience in the industry and recycling has never been easier with our all-inclusive service. From storage to the collection we take care of it all! Be sure to reach out to one of our helpful team members today for all your recycling needs!

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