Vacuum Truck Services

Vacuum trucks for oil tank cleaning, or vacuum tankers, play an essential role in keeping our cities clean. These trucks are often used to clean sewer and septic tanks but it doesn’t end there. They are also used for tank pumping, sump cleaning, assisting with overflowing storm systems, liquid and sludge disposal, and much more.

For vacuum truck services by a team you can trust, look no further than Origin. Our industry know-how and professionalism are unmatched in the industry.

How Does a Vacuum Truck Work?  

Vacuum trucks are advanced pieces of machinery with four key components. The first two essential components are the tank and the pump. Basically, the pump sucks all the air out of the tank and this is what creates the vacuum inside of the tank.

Two other key components of vacuum trucks are the primary and secondary shut-off valves. The valves are what give the pump the ability to suck up materials. When opening these valves on either end of the tank, the magic happens.

The vacuum in the tank then tries to equalize itself with the air outside the tank and this is how the pump ultimately sucks up the liquids.

This may seem like a simple concept, but operating a vacuum truck requires experience. The operator should understand the details about the components of the machine and how they work together. At Origin, our team members are all well-versed in the operations of these advanced industrial vehicles.


Benefits of Using Our Vacuum Truck Services

There are many benefits of using vacuum truck services. They’re especially great when it comes to removing materials underground, above ground, or from a safe distance. When you choose Origin for your vacuum truck needs, you enjoy the following perks:


Cleaning septic tanks and the like can be a cumbersome and expensive process. Making use of vacuum truck services can change that.  

At Origin, we understand that time is money. We use vacuum trucks that have incredible suction power, which ensures fast and efficient work – not only saving you time but money too. 


The use of a vacuum truck takes crew members out of the danger zone – especially when it comes to hazardous removals.

For example, when removing dangerous chemicals from a tank, vacuum trucks allow crew members to do these jobs from a safe distance. This limits their exposure and therefore limits potential risk. 


Cleaning industrial tanks is not the most convenient of tasks and can take up a lot of time if you do it yourself. Moreover, using workers to clean your tanks would not have the same effect as using a vacuum truck.

At Origin, we bring our vacuum trucks to the site to take the hassle out of the process. Our trained personnel can remove all types of oil, sludge, oily water, and other contaminants from your tanks and then safely transport the waste for proper disposal.

This way, you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to dispose of the waste safely yourself!

Increased Efficiency

The mobility, availability, and speed of vacuum trucks mean increased efficiency as a whole. The pumps on these trucks are incredibly powerful. So, the removal of liquids and cleaning industrial tanks has never been easier

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Why Choose Origin Vacuum Truck Services  

At Origin, we pride ourselves on having superior customer service and promise to deliver quality work every time.

No job is too big or too small for our team. We will happily carry out any removals and we also dispose of the extracted material. We make sure we do so in accordance with local and federal regulations to ensure complete compliance.

Further, at Origin, we have vast and varied expertise. This puts us in a position to handle any removal situation whether it be harsh chemicals or cleaning septic tanks. And we promise to do so timeously and cost-effectively.

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To reap the many benefits of vacuum truck services the right team is essential. Well-trained, organized, and professional crew members are what you need to get the job done.

At Origin, we follow a client-centered approach with an aim to complete work efficiently and cost-effectively. So, get in touch with one of our team members today and ask about our vacuum truck services!